My mind is either my greatest enemy or my strongest ally.

My background is in public affairs.  One of my responsibilities in Washington, D.C. was to craft Talking Points for public officials to use when talking to the media or delivering speeches.  My job was to take dense policy and turn it into digestible messages that were easily remembered and shared.

I’ve taken the same approach in my own life, using Talking Points to coach myself on what I believe so that I can live what I believe and avoid simply believing what I live.  You’ll find LWYB Talking Points at the end of some of my blog posts and, thanks to my more graphically minded friends, you’ll see them on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

On this page you’ll find a list of resources that have aided me in my efforts to live what I believe, rather than believing what I live.  From books and articles to read, to music that’s inspired me, or quotes and Scriptures that I have memorized or strategically placed around me – these are the truths that I have sown into my heart to strengthen my faith.

I know from experience that out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. If I’m going to live what I believe, I need these truths buried deeply in my heart, and to be sure they’re at the forefront of my mind, I need these truths to surround me.  I want to be a woman clothed in strength and dignity, who laughs without fear of the future.

For books to read, check out my Amazon Booklist below.  Some are books I’ve read, others I hope to read.  I’ll try to update this list with notes.

Katye’s Books to Read

On Pinterest, I have several boards to capture content I appreciate – raising munchkins, reading to munchkins, Mama Life inspiration, and a few dozen more.  There’s also a board for Happy Thoughts – quotes and scriptures that remind me to live what I believe.

Katye’s Pinterest Boards

I am a Twitter newbie, but here’s where I’ll be.  Be on the look out for some Live What You Believe Talking Points.

Katye on Twitter

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