Live What You Believe


 Just before my college graduation, my favorite professor challenged our class with one thought:

“Live what you believe,” he said, “or you will end up believing what you live.”

It’s a subtle shift in word order, but it’s a life changing distinction.

Believing what I live:

…erodes my faith

…breeds discontent and restlessness

…feeds my inner critic

…limits my horizons

…tells me dreams are impossible.


Living what I believe:

…gives me roots

…embraces grace

…builds community

…frees me from expectations

…laughs without fear of the future

…discovers treasure

…dares to dream

When I live what I believe, what I believe speaks truth over my circumstances, strengthening my faith.

Living what I believe means that I know what I’m grounded in and that defines my life. Living what I believe empowers me to acknowledge my emotions without being ruled by them. Living what I believe gives me vision for what can be, unhindered by what is. Living what I believe inspires me to chase my dreams with confidence.

I want to live what I believe. Don’t you?